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A small introduction about my self

Shikhar Saxena

Data Analyst, Graphic Designer & Software Engineer

A programmer and a Designer who has a keen eye for detail and perfection. I am interested to encoutering and solving new problems and to work on products which can create some value to the people and be beneficial to the society.
A dedicated, organized and methodological individual with a knack of knowledge and efficiency with Seasoned Interpersonal Skills.

Co-founder of StareIn, which is a food-ordering-system based startup and is currently in work where my role is of a Graphic Designer and a Web developer.
Worked at Foodonz as a management intern.

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Skills & Expertice

I can say i’m quite good at

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Data Analysis
Graphic Design
Web Development


Some of my previous projects include

April 2018

Crime Analysis and Prediction

An analysis and predtion software which analyse the crime of various states and cities and of different types like Rape, Murder, Theft, etc. over a particular time period and predict the number of crime, of each type, that can happen in the next month or day or week, as per requirement. It analyse using SVM regression Model and predict using Random Forest Predicition Model.

April 2017

Pharmacy Management System

A local pharmacy management system in which there are various task assigned to different people including managing the store, taking prescriptions, generating reciepts, etc. It contains four different type of login designed to work with different position in the store including Admin, Manager, Pharmacist & Cashier with their respective task assigned.

April 2018

Personalized FFCS Portal

Created a personal version of VIT university student portal In JAVA IDE with all the original features and adding some more to it. It has all the features like secured login for each student or teacher, visualizing the details of the student, display of marks/grades in each semester, uploading digital assignments, selecting the suitable timetable, etc.

April 2016

Bank Management System

A personalized bank management system in JAVA IDE provinding various features as in a typical bank management system like creating a new account, creating and displaying transactions, applying for loan. We can also change the UI of the system from the in-built options in the menu bar according to our desire.

Education & Diplomas

I completed my education from

July 2019

Bachelor of Technology

Vellore Institute of Technology

Will complete Bachelore of Technology in Information Technology from Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore. Current CGPA is 8.32

May 2014

Intermidiate School- ISC

U.P. Kirana Seva Samiti Vidyalaya

Completed my Intermidiate,12th standard, from U.P. Kirana Seva Samiti Vidyalaya, Kanpur with a percentage of 86.60% aggregate.

May 2012

HighSchool- ICSE

U.P. Kirana Seva Samiti Vidyalaya

Completed my Intermidiate,10th standard, from U.P. Kirana Seva Samiti Vidyalaya, Kanpur with a percentage of 90.00% aggregate.


What I have done in my academic career

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